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It Gets Better supports, empowers and connects LGBTQ+ youth the world over. What started out as a YouTube video from founder Dan Savage and his partner Terry Miller, offering words of support following a number of suicides by young LGBTQ+ people, spawned a global movement dedicated to uplifting LGBTQ+ youth.

It Gets Better is a rapidly growing nonprofit organization with a presence in 20 countries worldwide. With six full-time staff and a global network of over 200 volunteers, teams need to be able to communicate easily and instantly.

Staff relied heavily on email before Workplace, and messages were often unclear or missed altogether. Workplace has introduced a more direct, concise and clear way to communicate that transcends time zones, language barriers and cultural differences.

“We have over 200 people around the world all chipping away at our mission. Being able to create a culture and community in Workplace is invaluable.” Brian Wenke, Executive Director of It Gets Better.


100%of staff say that Workplace has improved collaboration

100%of staff say that Workplace has allowed IGB to increase education and awareness of LGBTQ+ issues in society

75%of staff say that Workplace has reduced email traffic

IGB 2018scholarship program run exclusively on Workplace had 24 participants

How Workplace Helped

Democratic decision making

In the last few years, It Gets Better has started running its own conferences, events, and a scholarship program. For this program, Global Affiliates can apply to tell LGBTQ+ stories in their local community with the financial support of It Gets Better. With entries from so many people and regions, the task of choosing who should receive the honor was difficult.

Workplace has created an easy way for Affiliates to pitch their ideas to a captive audience. In turn, decision makers can comment feedback, host polls, monitor engagement, and make fair and transparent decisions together. The familiarity of Workplace ensures that there is no barrier to entry or training required.

Bringing face-to-face conversations into the mix with Live Video

Project coordinators used to rely heavily on email to check the status of scholarships and grants. Workplace Chat now gives them the ability to reach anyone instantly and switch to Live Video for the quality of a face-to-face meeting, without the complexities of actually organizing one. Now, Live Video calls happen once a month per region for each Global Affiliate.

Brian Wenke, Executive Director at It Gets Better, is a big fan of Live Video from Workplace Chat. It allows him to switch to a more personal conversation at the touch of a button. “One of my favorite tools is the text and video in Workplace Chat. When text isn’t doing it you can say, ‘Let’s jump on a video call!' ”

Better training and visibility

Hannah Martin, Media Coordinator at It Gets Better, uses Workplace to host regular video training sessions for Global Affiliates. Instead of hosting multiple training sessions to cater to different time zones, Hannah now hosts one training session on Live Video, streaming it into a training group for all Affiliates to watch and comment on with questions. Sharing training videos, uploading decks and posting best practice tips into the group is the perfect way to keep training assets centralized.

In the News Feed, Affiliates share pictures and videos from LGBTQ+ events all over the globe that enrich and inspire the global community.

It Gets Better Mexico Parade

“Workplace is a lifeline for a small nonprofit. To go to Workplace and see how great the team is, how much they care about what they’re doing and how they’re affecting young people around the world… It just reminds me that what we’re doing is vital.”

Avrielle Gallagher

Avrielle Gallagher

Board Member, It Gets Better

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