Migrating to the new Teams & Projects group on Workplace

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Coworkers on Workplace often use a mix of chat and Teams & Projects groups to collaborate. We want to make the experience of moving between chat and posts as seamless as possible. We've redesigned the Teams & Projects group type so a chat is automatically synced with it. Chat and group members stay in sync as people join and leave so that conversations can move easily between the two. The ability to chat in real time within these groups will make it even easier for teams to work together, by providing a simple way for coworkers to stay in touch throughout the day.
Some changes have been made to the Teams & Projects group type to allow for the change:
  • The group can have up to 250 members.
  • The group and chat will have the same synced members, name and cover photo.
  • There are no group moderators, only group admins.
  • Teams & Projects groups don't allow for automated group membership like “Add Teams to Groups”.
  • To link a chat to a group, a group admin can go to the Group Settings page.
What will happen to my existing Teams & Projects groups?
If you have a Teams & Projects group that meets the criteria above already, there will be no change. We're migrating all other existing Teams & Projects groups to Discussion Groups and chats will be unlinked. Unlinked chats will still exist, they just won't be attached to the group.
How will I know which groups are impacted?
If any groups that you are an admin of are impacted you will:
  1. Receive an email with a list of all impacted groups.
  2. See a notice on the top of every impacted group allowing you to Manage Settings or Unlink Chat.
If no action is taken, impacted Teams & Projects groups will move to a discussion group and chat will be unlinked. A new notice will be shown at the top of every unlinked group, allowing admins to relink chat.
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