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Workplace Configuration Builder is a spreadsheet to help an organization's IT Team define the best provisioning, authentication and account claim method for launching Workplace according to their IT setup.

You should select the options according to your IT infrastructure and the tool will provide the step-by-step guide with resource links for the IT Team to perform the configurations.

Workplace Configuration Builder is available for download by clicking on the link below:

Workplace Configuration Builder

Remember to enable macros in the spreadsheet to work properly. If any of the options need to be changed, click "Reset Options" and restart.

To generate the step-by-step guide, select the options in following order: 1) User Identity 2) Provisioning 3) Authentication 4) Claim Process and then click on "Submit".

The tool supports one user identity type to be configured at a time, and a maximum of two user identity types for the same Workplace. Blueprint sheet provides all configuration options available for each user identity type.